Somewhere along the journey to self-acceptance we find ourselves at a fork in the road that leads to a well-worn path called, self-denial. My former high school friend, Yusong Im once told me, “If you lie to yourself, you’ll lie to anyone”. And gosh, was she right.

Of course, I had help along my life’s journey. Well meaning family (my mother) who told me I was big-boned as a child to lessen the sting of being chided and picked on by my peers for being the ‘chubby kid’.

When puberty hit and I discovered my body type (Mesomorph) could develop strength well beyond my peers, I pursued weight lifting with abandon. I was one strong 250lbs high school freshman. I could lift more than my body weight in several different lifts and was very gratified that the student body that once taunted me was now seeing me as someone not to mess with. I dug the shit out this; unfortunately, this mindset set me up for some really high hurdles to overcome in the relationship and business world. But, that’s another story.

Fast forward 43-years and I am now a 61 year old who’s knees are too sore to walk more than a quarter mile without needing to stop and let the spaz in my back release due to the funky gait I’ve developed from my knees shifting back and forth to propel me forward.

My wife, as much as a saint that ever graced this earth, is always encouraging me to move; however, without copious amounts of anti-inflammatory drugs – destined to kill my liver or kidneys – I have to pass for now. For now; however, I am making progress.

I started Day 16 of my Wonder Slim program today and can see a faint resemblance of my more youthful and thinner self. Pants are more droopy, face and fingers are thinner, fewer daily trips to the bathroom and, much to my elated surprise, no more antacids – my poison of choice was the old fashioned remedy, backing soda and water 2-4 times a day. I don’t miss that at all; and frankly, if I didn’t loose another pound at all, this aspect makes my program completely worth it.

A wiser person than I once said, “When your present pain exceeds your future fears, change will occur”. So, dear friends, I reached the tip of my scale three weeks ago. My future fear was that I was not going to reach my demise as soon as my parents and immediate family members did in their 60’s and could very well end up like my Great Grandfather, who lived to nearly 100 years old. I’d rather be like he, and have mobility for the next 40 years instead of sending off for one of those scooters – if you know what I mean.

Peace by yours along your journey. Remember, being honest is always the best policy, and start with yourself.

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