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There is a dream

It is hard to find the words that do justice when you experience something that stirs your innermost being. Today was just that kind of day as Jennie and I visited the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. I grew up in the 1960’s as part of a Midwest household that didn’t give much thought […]

Adieu Nouvelle Orléans

As has been said, all good things must come to an end.  And so it is with New Orleans as the Paisley Turtle packs up and heads North to Memphis, Tennessee Sunday morning. We’ve been staying at the Bayou Signette Louisiana State Park since April 27th and can say, without any hesitation, this is a […]

Downtime for Maintenance – Praise for Onan/Cummins

Everything mechanical will eventually need maintenance.  Our Onan-Marquis 7000 Generator has been giving me fits for the last two months.  Partly because we have been traveling at elevations greater than sea level (beyond 5,000 feet) and that my generator has an altitude adjustment that I dared to change – incorrectly it seems, as the generator would […]

We do’in da Cajun thang

The requisite destination to New Orleans (NOLA) is the French Quarter; however, it ain’t all Bourbon Street!  If you’ve never been to Bourbon Street, then you’ve missed the smells and sights of a party place reserved primarily for the young and stalwart drinker relegated to a few parallel  cobblestone streets lined with bars with catchy names, like “Huge Ass […]

Festival International de Louisiane

       Travel can be an insulator or a conduit. Whereas we may not get everything we want, we’ll always get 100% of nothing if we don’t invest in an experience.  Like all things, our reward depends on the amount effort we put into an endeavor, relative to expectations. The richness of travel is […]

God Bless Texas

I saw Texas the first time in 1975 when my former wife and I traveled the country on our 1973 Honda 500.  We came from the North and traveled down to Corpus Christi. The only portion of my first visit that exists is the amount of road construction going on.  Was in 1975, and is […]