As has been said, all good things must come to an end.  And so it is with New Orleans as the Paisley Turtle packs up and heads North to Memphis, Tennessee Sunday morning.

Boyou SignetteWe’ve been staying at the Bayou Signette Louisiana State Park since April 27th and can say, without any hesitation, this is a great place to stay.  Close to all the hub-bub of the New Orleans French Quarter and, even more, on the outskirts of the fray that is Bourbon Street.

Spacious sites with 50 amp hookups, water (no sewer hookup), free laundry facilities – with AC for those hot Summer nights and days, and a diverse tree population that ads character to the property.

This time of year, and on into late June, the “Love Bugs” come out and annoy you to death, but they’re harmless unless you squish them; at which time, they emit a protein that stains paint and smears windshields to the point of opaqueness.  Love BugsThey were worse in Florida last year during August, but they’re a pest nonetheless – with no known predator.  In case you didn’t know about this little black and red flying insect, it get’s it’s name due to mating while in flight.  Yeah, I know, disgusting.

Those of us accustomed to “Smart Phones” have become reliant upon them for internet searches and
directions.  I used to have a Garmin suction cupped to my windshield; but now, it sits in a box somewhere under our sofa while Jennie’s IPhone sweetly recites directions.  We navigate like locals and see the innards of the towns and cities we visit, like the area of Magazine Street outside of The French Quarter and downtown New Orleans.

The Audubon Zoo resides on Magazine Street, just up Loyola_Logofrom Tulane atulane-universitynd Loyola Universities, as well as a Whole Foods Market.  Yes, we found everythinZoo Logog one could reasonably ask for in a city; great food, sites to see and leaving in one piece.



The road beckons and the Paisley Turtle is packed and ready to roll Sunday morning.  Giving thanks for all we’ve seen and for the sights just around the bend.

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